Let's Go Flying!

Ever wanted to feel the freedom of flight? How about a great birthday or special occasion gift? There's no experience quite like the open cockpit of a Stearman! Expert pilot Keith Carver will take excellent care of each passenger and guarantee the thrill of a lifetime that you will never forget!

Flight in a Super Stearman - 400+ HP! Watch incredible sunsets as you cruise down the beach!
Have you flown with us? Click HERE to send us an email about your experience!

10 Min Flight Time - $100

20 Min Flight Time - $174

30 Min Flight Time - $225

1 Hour Flight Time - $300

Long 2-Hr Beach Flight - $600

Flights are best arranged in advance by appointment, but walkups are welcome!

Call Keith at (813) 417-1454  to book your flight!

For some time my parents have had breakfast at your café at least a few times a week. They enjoy talking to the pilots that come and go and watching the planes take off and land.  My mother has Alzheimer's and sometimes it's hard to find things they enjoy doing together. I am grateful for how kind your staff has been to them. My Aunt Carol recently came down from New York to spend a few weeks with her sister and. Last week they all had breakfast at your café and she was taken by the biplane.  She expressed an interest in going for a ride, so I suggested that we both do it.  As she took the first ride and I can remember hearing you ask her if she liked roller coasters.  Then when I watched you take off I could see why you asked to that question as you shot up to the sky like a roller coaster. That was quite a thrill for her and she enjoyed the ride immensely. I'm sure it is an experience she will never forget. For my ride I told you that I am not a fan of rollercoasters so you made a very smooth takeoff and I was able to keep my stomach intact :-)  Soon we went for a quick ride over to my office and circled it twice so that everyone could see the plane.  The entire time I felt safe and confident yet thrilled to be there. Your experience and capabilities are evident in how you handle the plane with ease. The GoPro video you provided of the experience was well done and a great keepsake. In my mind there are a few experiences that can match the bang for the buck like a ride in your Stearman biplane.  I look forward to my next ride.  


Al Johnson Jr
4241 Birdsong Blvd - Lutz, FL 33559 - (813) 973-3703